Monastir City

Given a setting where Ruspina land near Mediterranean sea , where the views take-in golden beaches and the endlessly olive-field, it would seem not to come through its history.

Built as a trading post for the Phoenicians and then by the Romans, under the name of Ruspina, Monastir become important once again in the 8th Century , with the building of its fortified Ribat , a sort of imposing monastery, intended as a defence against the sea faring invaders.

Today , despite its fortifications, visitors can enjoy unforgettable holidays in this haven of peace and serenity.

Monastir is also a capturing seaside resort with natural charm and wide palm tree lined. Avenues .It is a land of white sand beaches and turquoise water.

Don’t Miss

The Ribat of Harthema – an 8th Century fortress, perched on a headland above the marina.

The Bourguiba Mausoleum – a lavish gilt mausoleum built in traditional Islamic style.

The picturesque marina home to a water sports centre as well as cafes and restaurants.

Saturday is market day


  • Diving

  • Horse riding

  • Moto become

  • Camel riding